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In addition to our high-quality catalogue antibodies, we offer the most flexible and comprehensive services for the production of custom antibodies. Taking advantage of our state-of-the-art expertise and technologies, we can design the antibody programme that best suits your research.

Immunisation process

Antibody Experts

  • Stable and trusted antibody services since 1996
  • More than 1500 programmes every year
  • From ready-to-use catalogue antibodies to fully customized production programmes
  • From research antibodies to GMP production of antibody fragments
  • Highly skilled project managers dedicated to your project

Confidentiality: We know that confidentiality is significant for you and we handle your data and project with utmost care and respect.

Custom Polyclonals

Speedy 28-Day Fast programmes
Classical programmes
IgY – Chicken immunisation
PTM specific antibodies

Custom Monoclonals

mAb in vitro production
Hybridoma’s development

Catalogue Antibodies

Catalogue Antibodies full list

Antibody fragments

Camelid polyclonals and VHH
GMP Ab fragments

Genetic immunisation

Antibodies from DNA template

Solutions for Industry

Custom Polyclonal Antibodies
Hybridoma development
in vitro mAb production
VHH fragments
GLP analytical & animal studies
Antigen design & production

Additional information

Epitope mapping
Additonal services
How to provide my antigens
Storage conditions
Animal welfare

Support Area

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