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Eurogentec is a 30-year leading supplier of high-quality custom-synthesized Oligonucleotides including research, diagnostic and GMP grade Oligos, NGS primers and MGB Probes. Trusted and ultra-performing solutions for RT-qPCR, qPCR and PCR such as individual reagents and easy to use kits for research laboratories and diagnostic applications as well as a broad range of consumables. Discover in a few clicks the suitable product qPCR kit for your application with the qPCR selector. Eurogentec offers the custom synthesis of highly complex genes up to 50kbp and provides various kits, reagents and devices for transformation, nucleic acids electrophoresis, extraction and purification.






AnaSpec Peptides are premium custom and catalog peptides dedicated to the academic, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. We have a strong expertise in difficult peptide synthesis, and are the unique provider of Quant-Peptides, which are custom peptides accurately calibrated for quantitative proteomics. With a strong expertise in developing both custom monoclonal and custom polyclonal antibodies in various hosts including chicken and Llama, Eurogentec is a trusted partner for small and large Ab projects. Discover also the Eurogentec broad collection of ready-to-use and top-quality catalog antibodies. Eurogentec proposes a unique catalog of recombinant proteins, as well as a protein production service. A large portfolio of products and kits to analyze and label proteins is also available. It includes precasted gels, standards, western blot kits, Activity assay Kits and labeling dyes and kits..

We believe that being aware of our customers’ needs and expectations is essential to building a true partnership. Technical Specialists are always available when assistance or advice is needed.
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Eurogentec will exhibit at "IMAP" which will be held in Utrecht, The Nederlands from the 28 to the 29 August 2019.
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