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Custom peptides

Anaspec Custom Peptides

Our peptide engineers are capable of optimising your peptides by leveraging a vast degree of expertise in chemical peptides synthesis gained through our >20 years of experience, customer collaborations, and stringent quality standards. We also know that confidentiality is important to you, and will treat your project and data with the utmost care and security.

Custom Peptides

Standard custom peptides
Quantified peptides
Heavy isotope peptides
FRET peptides
Cyclic peptides
Peptide-oligo conjugates
Peptides Libraries
Peptide Storage
Peptide Reconstitution

Do I need a standard custom peptide or a quantified peptide ?

The industry standard is to deliver peptides in a lyophilised form and to state the delivery amount as the weight of the lyophilised powder “Gross weight”. But beside the peptide of interest, the production mix contains other peptidic entities such as truncated peptide forms, deprotected peptides or incomplete peptide sequences. All together these peptidic molecules form the “peptide content”.

The gross weight, in addition to the peptidic weight, contains and is largely influenced by other components such as residual solvent, water and the TFA counter-ion whose molecular mass is high (114 Da). Hence TFA which binds to the free N-terminus of the peptide as well as to the basic residues, significantly contributes to the gross weight of the lyophilised material. Therefore when ordering 1 mg of peptide, you will receive 1 mg of powder which may contain 60-80% peptide.

The net peptide content (NPC) is the fraction of peptidic material present in the lyophilised material. In combination with the peptide purity, it allows to determine the exact amount of the peptide of interest. NPC is traditionally measured by amino acid analysis (AAA; limited accuracy but requires a low material amount) or elemental analysis (CHN; requires milligrams of peptide but is more accurate). Both methods measure total peptidic content.

Eurogentec’s Quant-Peptides correspond to two proprietary peptide quantitation methods (with and without Quant-Tag), offering net peptide content with better accuracy and reproducibility than AAA or CHN.

Synthesis Reagents

An extensive range of products for peptide synthesis is available through our AnaSpec subsidiary. To get more information or to place an order, please visit the Amino Acids & Reagents section on

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