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qPCR Kits & Reagents

For over a decade Eurogentec has forged a strong reputation for developing trusted tools for PCR and qPCR applications.
Here find a comprehensive solution from individual performing reagents and consumables to ready-to-use kits.


Highly consistent quality reagents
Clean detection of low copy targets
Maximum reproducibility of results
Compatible with small volume reaction
Custom formulation for demanding projects

qPCR Kits

With Takyon™ kits for SYBR® and Probe qPCR assays be sure to get sensitive and fast delivery of accurate and reproducible results.

Takyon™ kits for Probe Assay
Takyon™ kits for SYBR® Assay

qRT-PCR Kits

A kit for every Real-Time thermocycler, for Probe and SYBR® technology and for every format

Takyon™ qRT-PCR kits for Probe Assay
Takyon™ One-step Kit Converter

qPCR consumables

A range of products to fine-tune your reaction

qPCR Plastics
Real-Time qPCR Oligonucleotides ROX passive reference
Fluorescein additive
UNG-dUTP blend for carry-over prevention
qPCR Control kit

Dispensing Service

Secure your homebrew assays

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