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Protein iDentification

Protein iDentification

Our extensive experience in recombinant proteins, synthesis of dyes and peptide-based substrates for assay development lends us a unique understanding of your detection needs and challenges. To help you in your protein detection and analysis research, we continuously develop new products and improve our existing offer.

Recombinant proteins

Research grade proteins produced in various hosts


Custom Recombinant Protein
Catalogue Recombinant Proteins
in vitro Expression Kits

Protein detection

A set of solution to trace the presence of biomolecules in cells or other biological systems

Labelling Reagents & Dyes
Reagents for TR-FRET
Protein labelling kits

Protein analysis

A variety of product to analyse easily and rapidly your proteins


SensoLyte® Assay Kits
Polyacrylamide Gels
MW Markers
iD Blue Ladder Revealer
Western Blot kits and reagents

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