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PCR and qPCR custom services

PCR and qPCR custom services

Custom formulations

Because setting up a qPCR or a PCR assay can be a real challenge requiring an optimised Mix composition, Eurogentec offers you the possibility to produce your own Mix formulation tailored to your assay(s). Combine the following advantages in a single product:

  • Maximised sensitivity and specificity of your custom validated Mix
  • Absolute reproducibility with the benefits of a unique dedicated batch
  • Minimal contamination risks and pipetting errors with ready-to-use Mix
  • Consignment and scheduled deliveries
  • Various packaging (tube, plate, bottles…)
  • Inclusion of external components (enzymes, oligonucleotides...)

The process is pretty simple and straight forward.

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Assay dispensing service

dispensing service

Receive your qPCR or PCR assays in a ready-to-use format

In its constant search for simple, affordable and innovative solutions for the Life Science community, Eurogentec has developed a dispensing service that brings all advantages of automation within everyone’s reach.

Ease your workflow by automating your routine assays to perfection, with full design and format flexibility. Combine all required reagents, in any type of formulation, support and packaging, to produce your Ready & Easy-to- Use solution, saving set-up time, minimising user input and skill level, as well as reagent wastage and hidden costs. The process offers a very high reliability, reproducibility and accuracy.

For any custom project a dedicated project manager will guide and support you all along your specific assay development.

Our dispensing service is in line with ISO15189 quality standards and is fully scalable, taking care of the preparation of any size of routine assays to full kitting solutions.
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OEM service

Eurogentec also proposes the branded packaging of external kits. We help companies to launch in a very short time new product lines thanks to our experience in today’s competitive marketplace. Our OEM production is flexible, offering custom fill & finish release options to fit with your own product lines.

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