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Access Dyes & Quenchers

Access Dyes and Quenchers

Through its Access™ Dyes and Quenchers, Eurogentec now offers a simple, customizable & cost effective solution for nucleic acid applications.

With Eurogentec Access™ Dyes & Quenchers, avoid the burden of multiple licence agreements and benefit from:

A unique experienced partner for all your NAT applications

A complete portfolio of Dyes & Quenchers
• Covering all main qPCR channels with at least one optimal Access™ Dye and Quencher pair per channel
• Deep blue and near IR pairs
• Including our Proprietary molecules (HiLyte Fluor™ and QXL™ Quencher) and others Dyes & Quenchers (Yakima Yellow®, Eclipse™, AquaPhluor®, Epoch Blue, ATTO,...)

A customizable and attractive offer
• Applicable to custom modified oligonucleotides and double dye probes
• For research, diagnostic and any commercial application
• Small to large synthesis scales
• RUO to IVD GMP grades
• Friendly license plans for use in commercial applications
• Full OEM kitting services available

To start discussing your project, please contact our specialists at

High Performance Access™ Probes

qPCR examples for some dye & quencher pairs: For each channel,identical probes (24 bp each) were synthesized and labeled with selected pairs of dyes and quenchers. The recommended Access™ Probe Pair is highlighted in orange. Experiments were performed under standard conditions using Takyon™ No Rox Probe Mastermix dTTP from Eurogentec.

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Overview of the Double Dye Probes available

Access Dyes and Quenchers include FAM, Yakima Yellow®, ROX, HiLyte Fluor; EDQ, QXL® and others on request.
Our proprietary QXL™ Quenchers are highly efficient and are compatible with all the popular fluorescent dyes including our proprietary HiLyte Fluor™ dyes. They span the full visible spectrum up to the far red wavelengths and their performances match or exceed the current quenchers available on the market.
Channels Dye and Quencher pairs Dye Emission
λmax (nm)
Quencher Abs
λmax (nm)
Deep Blue Epoch Blue / DDQ1 460 440 Request Now
ATTO 390 / DDQ1 476 440 Order Now
ATTO 425 / DDQ1 485 440 Order Now
ATTO 465 / DDQ1 509 440 Order Now
Green Yellow FAM / TAMRA 520 544 Order Now
FAM / EDQ 520 522 Order Now
Yellow Orange YY / EDQ 549 522 Order Now
AP5 / EDQ 549 522 Request Now
HEX / EDQ 556 522 Order Now
YY / QXL570 549 538-577 Order Now
Orange Red ROX / Q630 (Elitech) 602 630 Request Now
ROX / QXL610 602 594-628 Order Now
AP593 / Q630 (Elitech) 613 630 Request Now
AP593 / QXL610 613 594-628 Request Now
Red HL647 / QXL670 675 668 Order Now
Infrared HL750 / IRQXL 778 772 Order Now

Other Dyes such as ATTO 565 and ATTO 590 are available on request at
To discover the full range of dye and quencher pairs intended to research and commercialization, please refer to our Dye and Quencher compatibility tables

Access™ Dyes & Quenchers: The straight path from R&D to commercial use
BHQ® is a registered trademark of Biosearch Technologies, Inc.
Cy® is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare.
Eclipse Dark Quencher is a trademark of ElitechGroup, Inc.
Hilyte™ is a trademark of Anaspec, Inc.
AquaPhluor® is a trademark of ElitechGroup, Inc.
Yakima Yellow® is a registered trademark of Epoch Biosciences, Inc.

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