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Access Dyes & Quenchers

Access Dyes and Quenchers

Through its Access™ Dyes and Quenchers, Eurogentec now offers a simple, customizable & cost effective solution for nucleic acid applications.

With Eurogentec Access™ Dyes & Quenchers, avoid the burden of multiple licence agreements and benefit from:

A unique experienced partner for all your NAT applications

A complete portfolio of Dyes & Quenchers
• Covering all main qPCR channels with at least one optimal Access™ Dye and Quencher pair per channel
• Deep blue and near IR pairs
• Including our Proprietary molecules (HiLyte Fluor™ and QXL™ Quencher) and Elitech Dyes & Quenchers (Yakima Yellow®, Eclipse™, AquaPhluor®,...)

A customizable and attractive offer
• Applicable to custom modified oligonucleotides and double dye probes
• For research, diagnostic and any commercial application
• Small to large synthesis scales
• RUO to IVD GMP grades
• Friendly license plans for use in commercial applications
• Full OEM kitting services available

To start discussing your project, please contact our specialists at

High Performance Access™ Probes

qPCR examples for some dye & quencher pairs: For each channel,identical probes (24 bp each) were synthesized and labeled with selected pairs of dyes and quenchers. The recommended Access™ Probe Pair is highlighted in orange. Experiments were performed under standard conditions using Takyon™ No Rox Probe Mastermix dTTP from Eurogentec.

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Overview of the Double Dye Probes available

Access Dyes and Quenchers include FAM, Yakima Yellow®, ROX, HiLyte Fluor; EDQ, QXL® and others on request.
Our proprietary QXL™ Quenchers are highly efficient and are compatible with all the popular fluorescent dyes including our proprietary HiLyte Fluor™ dyes. They span the full visible spectrum up to the far red wavelengths and their performances match or exceed the current quenchers available on the market.
Channels Dyes & Quenchers Pairs Dye Emission
λmax (nm)
Quencher Abs
λmax (nm)
IP Friendliness Performance Access™ Order
Deep Blue Available on request at Request Now
Green Yellow FAM-TAMRA 520 544 ++ ++   Order Now
FAM-QXL520 520 508-530 + ++   Order Now
FAM-EDQ 520 530 + +++ ? Order Now
FAM-DDQ1 520 440 ++ ++   Order Now
FAM-BHQ1 520 534 - +++   Order Now
Yellow Orange YY-QXL570 550 538-577 + +++ ? Order Now
YY-EDQ 550 522 + +++ ? Order Now
YY-BHQ1 550 534 - +++   Order Now
HEX-EDQ 559 522 + ++   Order Now
Orange Red HL594-QXL610 616 594-628 + ++   Order Now
ROX-QXL610 602 594-628 + +++ ? Order Now
Texas Red-QXL610 603 594-628 - +++   Order Now
Texas Red-BHQ2 603 579 - +++   Order Now
Rox-BHQ2 602 579 - +++   Order Now
Rox-DDQII 602 595-650 ++ +   Order Now
Red CY5-QXL670 670 668 - +   Order Now
HL647-QXL670 649 668 + +++ ? Order Now
Atto647N-QXL670 669 668 - +++   Order Now
CY5-BHQ2 670 579 - +   Order Now
Atto647N-BHQ2 669 579 - +   Order Now
Infrared Atto700-IR-QXL 719 772 - ++   Order Now
HL750-IR-QXL 770 772 + ++ ? Order Now
Access™ Dyes & Quenchers: The straight path from R&D to commercial use
BHQ® is a registered trademark of Biosearch Technologies, Inc.
Cy® is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare.
Eclipse Dark Quencher is a trademark of ElitechGroup, Inc.
Hilyte is a trademark of Anaspec, Inc.
AquaPhluor® is a trademark of ElitechGroup, Inc.
Yakima Yellow® is a registered trademark of Epoch Biosciences, Inc.

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