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Catalogue & Custom Primary Antibodies

Searching for the top quality catalogue antibody or eager to benefit from a custom production of monoclonals or polyclonals then browse here all the possibilities that can suit your needs.


3000 + Catalogue Antibodies
in vitro mAb Production
28-Day Speedy Polyclonal Programme
Large Variety of Dyes
Dedicated project Manager

Custom Polyclonals

Eurogentec has developed the proprietary Speedy 28-Day programme to provide you with high quality polyclonals in record time.

28-Day Speedy
87-Day Programme
Post-translational modifications specific Ab
Additional Services

Custom Monoclonals

Eurogentec exclusively produces mAbs by the in vitro method with high expertise, and continuously improves its production processes.

in vitro mAb production
Custom Mouse Programme
DNA Immunization
Epitope Mapping

Catalogue Antibodies

Discover more than 3000 top quality catalogue antibodies.

Primary Antibodies
Secondary Antibodies
Detection Reagents

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