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Other Biochemicals

For many years Eurogentec worked hard to provide you with innovative solutions. The success of your research is our main concern.
Discover here a variety of trusted reagents, devices and components that can push your research a step further.

Gene Synthesis, Amplification, Extraction and Purification

Everything you need to perform your reaction successfully

Custom Genes
dNTP Mix & Set
DNA Polymerases
RT enzyme
PCR Kits
SmartPure DNA Purification kits
SmartExtract DNA Extraction kit
SmartPure RNA Purification kit


A variety of reagents to achieve efficiently your gene analysis

Electrophoresis System
Smart Illuminator
Molecular Weight Markers

Transformation products

Get access to efficient competent bacteria and electroporation cuvettes

E.coli Competent Cells
Electroporation Cuvettes
Nucleic Acids Extraction Kits

Protein Production & Analysis

All the solutions you can trust on to shed the light on your protein of interest

iD Key Solutions - Proteomic Detection tools
SensoLyte® Assay Kits
Custom Recombinant Protein
in vitro Expression Kits
Catalogue Recombinant Proteins
Protein labelling kits
Labelling Reagents & Dyes
Reagents for TR-FRET

Synthesis Reagents

An extensive range of products for peptide synthesis is available through our AnaSpec subsidiary. To get more information or to place an order, please visit the Amino Acids & Reagents section on

Standard aa
Unusual aa
Amino Alcohol
Heavy Isotope aa
Resins & Accessories
Amino acid hydrazide resin

For technical information, please contact us.

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