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Catalogue Oligonucleotides

Catalogue Oligonucleotides

Our catalogue portfolio of pre-designed oligonucleotides includes Universal primers, Dye-labeled calibration oligos and PNA-FISH probes. The Universal primers are complementary to nucleotide sequences that occur very commonly in specific sets of DNA molecules and cloning vectors. Thus, they are able to bind to a wide variety of DNA templates. Dye-labeled calibration oligos are a set of 5’ fluorescent dT10 oligonucleotides recommended to calibrate some real-time qPCR thermocyclers. PNA-FISH probes allow in situ hybridisation of telomere and centromere. Indeed PNA* chemical structure brings higher sequence specificity, improved stability, better reproducibility, and lower background noise.

Universal primer and Calibration Oligo specifications

  • Quantity: 1 OD/5 nmol
  • Backbone: DNA
  • Modifications: None
  • Purifications: RP-HPLC
  • Quality Control: MALDI-TOF MS + CGE
  • Format: Dried
  • Packaging: 2 mL tube
  • Documentation: Technical data sheet
  • Shipping: At room temperature

PNA FISH specifications

  • Length: 18 bases
  • Quantity: 5 nmol
  • Backbone: PNA
  • Modifications for TelC & TelcG: FAM • Cy3® • Cy5® • FITC • TMR


Universal primers

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Dye-labeled calibration oligos

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Centromere Probe
Telomere Probe

Support Area

* The PNA bases are only available in the following countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Norway, Iceland, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, Switzerland, Israel, Russia and African countries.

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