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Heavy Isotope Labeled Peptides

Heavy Isotope Labeled Peptides

ClearPoint™ Peptides are heavy isotope labeled peptides dedicated for Mass Spectrometry/MRM analysis.
These are excellent internal standards used to quantify analytes at very low concentrations in complex sample mixtures.

Features & Benefits
2D, 13C, 15N Heavy Isotope labelling
Labeling of a single or multiple peptide AA's
>95% Purity
Mass Spectrometry QCed
Lyophilized peptides shipped at RT
Non-restricted peptide length
Synthesis scale ><1mg
Validated for optimal consistency and quality

Biomarker quantitation
Functional quantitative proteomics
Drug and metabolite monitoring
Protein production monitoring
Allergen quantitation

Custom ClearPoint™ Peptides

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Custom Anaspec™ Peptides Handling & Storage information

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