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Custom Ab Development

For over 25 years Eurogentec has been a leading supplier of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies in various hosts including Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Guinea-Pig, Goat, Llama and Chicken.

Many additional services are also available (e.g. Ab purification, labelling, coupling to magnetic beads and ELISA development)


From Classical to very fast program
Follow up all through the project
Large number of predefined packages and hosts

Polyclonal Antibodies

Immunisations follow our Standard programmes (87-Day classical or our proprietary Speedy 28-Day). You can choose to use your own protein or we can synthesize peptide(s) for you.

28-Day Speedy
87-Day Programme
PTM specific Ab
Additional Services
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Monoclonal Antibodies

We exclusively produce mAbs in vitro from hybridoma’s developed in house or provided by the Customer.

Custom Mouse Programme
in vitro mAb production

Llama antibodies & monoclonal VHH production

We produce in collaboration with QVQ polyclonal llama antibodies and monoclonal VHH fragments.

Llama antibodies and VHH fragments

Genetic Immunisation

This method is recommended when you encounter difficulties getting your antibody through classical ways. It is an efficient issue to protein production, purification or refolding limitation.

DNA Immunization

Confidentiality: All monoclonal and polyclonal immunisation projects are confidential. All obtained hybridoma’s, sera and results are and remain the property of the customer. Eurogentec guarantees not to claim any rights on the hybridoma or the antibodies. Non-disclosure agreements can be executed.

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