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Custom Antibody Production Order Forms

Speedy 28-Day

• The reference for Custom Polyclonal antibodies designed to meet your stringent requierements in record time.

• Speedy 28-Day offers as good or better titre and affinity than our classical program.

• Hosts: Rabbit, Rat, Guinea Pig and Goat.

Speedy anti-peptide order form
Speedy anti-antigen order form
Speedy Mini anti-peptide order form

Classical Program

• This program provides high titre antibodies with excellent affinity.

• It’s a good alternative when Speedy 28-Day is not available.

• Hosts: Rabbit, Rat, Guinea Pig, Chicken, mouse, Llama and Goat.

Classical Program anti-peptide order form
Classical Program anti-antigen order form

Custom Antibody Request Forms

Custom Antibody Request Forms

• If you provide your antigen for the immunization program, please fill in the Polyclonal Request Form.

• If you prefer Eurogentec designs and produces your peptide(s), please fill in the Peptide Design Request Form.

Polyclonal Request Form
Peptide Design Request Form

Large scale antibody project

We have a specific offer for the large production of antibodies, check it on our dedicated website.

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