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Custom Assay Kits

Ultra-sensitive, Convenient and Time-saving Assays

With more than 150 catalog assays developed, we have acquired a unique expertise in developing assays for the quantitative detection of proteins and protein activities.

Based on our unique portfolio of proteomics tools, which include highly specific antibodies, peptides, dyes and recombinant proteins, catalog and custom, you will get the best assay fitting your needs.

With us, you will benefit from a complete panel of advantages:

  • Proprietary HiLyte Fluor™ dyes and QXL™ quenchers
  • Fluorimetric, colorimetric and luminometric detection
  • FRET, ELISA and enzyme-based assays
  • Long wavelength FRET pairs
  • Adapted to various sample sources, including cell extracts, cell supernatants, serum, plasma, recombinant proteins
  • Possibility to provide your target protein as a control, produced in cells or in vitro
  • Assay optimization
  • Assay validation

The Eurogentec group is committed to excellence. A dedicated project manager will handle your own project. Complete confidentiality of all requests is assured.
To learn more about our capacities to handle your project, do not wait, contact us:


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