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Custom Genes

Custom Genes

Custom Genes are synthetic genes optimized to face any hindrance encountered with classical PCR amplified nucleotide fragments.
Custom Genes synthesis considerably reduces time spending on oligonucleotides design, cloning process and sequencing. Moreover the quality of genes coming from artificial synthesis is rather superior than that obtained for genes provided by traditional cloning with no mutation or Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP), which may cause troubles during downstream applications.

Highly Complex Genes
Up to 50 000 bp
Gene Optimization
100 % Guaranteed Sequence
Fast Turnaround Times
Trusted Quality

Gene variants and SNPs
RNA optimisation
Codon optimisation
Synthetic Biology
cDNA design
Microarray-ready cDNA
Recombinant antibodies
DNA vaccines and vectors

Gene Synthesis Pipeline

* Option available for genes ≤ 800 bp without complex sequences. More information on

Gene Optimization

Increase up to 20 times your protein production level in E. coli.

Expression of a native gene in a heterologous host often involves sequence preference incompatibility, which may result in low or no expression. At Eurogentec, we offer gene optimization as a free service to generate gene sequences with the highest possible levels of productivity in any given expression system. Our method takes into account a variety of critical factors involved in different stages of protein expression, such as codon adaptability, mRNA structure, GC content, repetitive sequences and various others cis-elements in transcription and translation.

If you are interested by the gene optimization service, please indicate in your request:

  • What is the expression host system?
  • Do you need any restriction enzyme site flanking the gene?
  • Do you want to exclude any additional restriction enzyme site(s) in the optimized gene?
  • Do you need a stop codon?
  • What is the coding region or protein sequence?

For example the production level of protein ß was 13 times higher than that from Competitor’s optimization method.

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