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Monoclonal antibody in vitro production

Monoclonal antibody in vitro production

When hybridoma’s for high-affinity monoclonal antibodies are available, performing large scale antibody production can easily become challenging and laborious. Eurogentec is pleased to assist you with this task, and offers a complete monoclonal antibody (mAb) production service adapted to your needs.

Because animal welfare is our standard, mAb production from hybridoma’s is only performed in vitro. This production mode combines the advantages of generating high quality antibodies in a very reproducible manner.

Depending on the mAb amount requested and the hybridoma production yield, we select for you the most adapted production system which will guaranty the best production level. For large-scale production batches (>200 mg), a test run is always performed, to assess the clone productivity. The cost for this test run is deduced from the subsequent production run in which the defined parameters are applied.

mAb- in vitro production Programme Overview

Programme Details

Step 1: Clone submission

You can provide us your hybridoma’s (One vial of frozen hybridoma cells and one flask of cells in suspension, or two vials of frozen hybridoma cells) or we can generate hybridoma’s for you.

Step 2: Clone expansion

Upon receipt, the cells will be placed in culture, expanded and adapted to the target growth conditions. By default, DMEM + 10% FBS will be used as the growth medium. Mycoplasma and isotyping controls will be performed: if more than one isotype per clone are detected, a subcloning step will be performed, by you or by us.

Step 3: Test study

If mAb amounts > 200mg are requested, a test study will be performed to evaluate the clone productivity.

Step 4: mAb production

We will define the best system to perform your mAb production (bioreactors, roller bottles or CL1000).

Step 5: Ab processing

By default, mAb will be purified on Protein G and dialyzed against PBS. mAb purity will be assessed by capillary electrophoresis, 1 mg/mL aliquots will be prepared and lyophilised.

With us, you have access to:

  • Production capacities from 10 milligrams to 5 grams per batch
  • Different production systems: roller bottles, CELlines or bioreactors
  • Different culture conditions, including serum-free growth media and Ultra Low IgG serum
  • Mycoplasma monitoring
  • Isotyping control
  • Downstream Antibody processing: various purification methods and Antibody conditioning (choice of different buffers, mAb concentration, lyophilisation)
  • Antibody purification control [capillary electrophoresis; SDS-PAGE (Bioanalyser)]
  • Subcloning
  • Cell banking
  • Storage
  • Lyophilisation
  • Aliquoting

How to start

Please fill in the in vitro mAb production questionnaire. Our project management team will analyze your request, and will contact you directly to provide you with any useful information related to your project.

Boost Hybridoma productivity

To increase the productivity of your hybridoma we recommend you to try our exclusive protocol. In these optimized conditions, hybridomas produce a larger amount of mAbs.

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