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DNA Polymerases

PCR Enzyme Selection Guide



  • Dedicated polymerases for all applications

  • High Sensitivity, Fidelity and Yield

  • Hot Start polymerases available

Whatever your application (routine amplification, DNA Array, difficult, GC rich and impure fragments), you will always be satisfied by the series of polymerases we have developed for you. All enzymes are tested extensively for the absence of nicking and priming activities, exonucleases and non-specific endonucleases.

Check our PCR selection Table to select the best enzyme that suit your experiments
PCR EnzymeSelection Guide Diamond Taq® Red Diamond Taq® SilverStar DNA polymerase GoldStar Mix Red'y'Gold Mix Hot Diamond Taq® HGS Diamond Taq® Hot GoldStar Mix Red'y'Star Mix


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