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Electrophoresis Reagents

Electrophoresis Reagents

Eurogentec provides a range of high quality products and smart devices to visualise your nucleic acid samples easier, faster and with a better accuracy

Electrophoresis devices Agarose Molecular weight
Electrophoresis devices Molecular Weight DNA Ladders Molecular Weight DNA Ladders
Discover our trio of performant devices. The Mupid®-One electrophoresis system,the SmartViewer allowing DNA detection during the run and he Smart Illuminator. Our range covers all you needs. Molecular Biology Grade Agarose for routine analysis Small Fragment Agarose for fragments below 1000 base pairs and AgaTabs tablets ideal for RNA manipulations. Make your choice among our variety of regular DNA ladder. SmartLadders are designed for easy DNA quantitation and size determination. MapMarker® are fluorescent, ideal for capillary electrophoresis. Biomarkers are dephosphorylated in order to allow labelling with polynucleotide kinase.

Electrophoresis equipment



Molecular Biology Grade Agarose
Small Fragment Agarose

DNA ladder


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