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qPCR Control kits

In order to generate relevant, accurate and reliable qPCR results, you should always include several carefully selected controls in your qPCR experiment! 

> NTCs (No Template Controls)
> No RT enzyme controls in qRT-PCR experiments
> Endogenous controls stable in the experimental protocol
> Positive controls for diagnostic PCRs

Universal Exogenous qPCR positive Control for Qualitative validation: 

Real-Time PCR assays are prone to inhibition by various substances found in many samples (clinical, soil, plant…). Carryover of reagents used for the isolation of nucleic acids can also inhibit amplification reactions. Other causes of false-negative results include target nucleic acid degradation, sample processing errors and thermocycler malfunction. Eurogentec’s Universal Exogenous qPCR positive Control provides an accurate way to assess the integrity of all the steps in a nucleic acid amplification assay.

Use this control to:

> Distinguish true target negatives from false negatives
> Monitor loss or degradation of your target during extraction
> Assess the quality of your nucleic acids extracts 

Controls based on reference genes for Quantitative normalization:

Discover our wide variety of qPCR Control kits that cover the whole relative expression range, from low expression level to very high expression level. Each set has been functionally validated and optimised to a PCR efficiency of 95-100 %, when combined with Eurogentec qPCR MasterMixes and Core kits. 

Our qPCR control kits have been designed to work with cDNA. Moreover some also work with gDNA. Please refer to this table to find out more about their specifications.

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