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qPCR Plastics

More accurate and reproducible results!
  • Our virgin optical quality polypropylene blend is optimised for qPCR and causes no background fluorescence.
  • Extreme uniformity of wall thickness: thin wall at the bottom for optimal heat transfer, thicker wall at the top to minimize evaporation.
  • The plates are perfectly flat, thin-walled and rigid, but still flexible and show extreme uniformity. Avoid edge artefacts.

  • With skirted plates Avoid robotic handling problems due to plate warping.
  • Extensive visual and physical quality controls will ensure the highest consistency in quality of the products.

Increased signal intensity!

  • Using white or frosted plates can significantly increase signal-to-noise ratio when compared to natural plates. Thus, lower levels of fluorescence are detectable.

    Although, most customers still prefer to use transparent products enabling them to view the content of the tube during the handling process. Our frosted products allow a view of contents and a high signal-to-noise ratio. Frosted products are therefore the most convenient choice for qPCR application.

    Comparison of Real-Time signals when using black (B), white (W), frosted (F) or natural (N) plate

  • Our optical seals do not interfere with the signal, contrary to many other brands.

Have confidence when working with small volumes!

  • The antistatic properties of our plastics minimize reagents adsorption to the tube walls, thus leading to higher yields and allowing the use of small reaction volumes.
  • New super-tight closure and sealing properties reduce evaporation, leading to more reproducible results.

High purity, DNa(se), RNa(se), pyrogen-free available!

  Download our comparative table synthesising
all plastics vs thermocycler compatibilities

(incl. a 96-well plate/thermocycler compatibility table)


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