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Takyon qPCR Kits for SYBR Assay

This new qPCR line, designed to give you access to a new level of speed in qPCR outcomes, is named Takyon™ inspired by the faster than light particule (Tachyon).

Emerging from the combination of an optimized reaction buffer and a new efficient enzyme, Takyon™ kits for SYBR® Assays ensure sensitivity and fast delivery of accurate and reproducible results!

Available as easy ready to use MasterMixes or as flexible Core Kits, Takyon™ qPCR for SYBR® Assays will suit perfectly your expectations.

According to your selection the kit may contain

- A Proprietary BLUE inert Dye to enhance the visualisation and reveal to the naked eye, dispensing errors that may occur during assay set-up.

- ROX passive reference to allow well-to-well normalization of the recorded fluorescent signal. See below for cycler compatibility.

- Uracyl N-Glycosylase / dUTP blend to prevent DNA carryover contamination and cleave contaminating amplicons before amplification.

Use Rox kits on ABI Prism® 5700, ABI Prism® 7000, ABI Prism® 7300, ABI Prism® 7700, ABI Prism® 7900 & FAST 7900, ABI Step One & Step One Plus, GeneAmp® SDS 5700.

Use Low Rox kits on ABI Prism® 7500, FAST 7500 & ViiA™7, Mx3000P®, Mx3005P®, Mx4000®, MasterCycle® ep realplex, QuantStudio™.

Use No Rox kits on CFX96 & CFX 384, Chromo 4™, DNA Engine Opticon® 1 & 2, iCycler iQ®, iQ™5, My iQ, LightCycler® 96 / 480 / Nano, MiniOpticon®, Mx3005P®, Mx4000®, Mx3000P®, Smartcycler® 1 & 2, Quantica®, Swift Spectrum™ 96, Rotor-Gene® 2000 /3000 /6000 /Q, q Tower, PiKoReal™

Please note that Mx3000P®, Mx3005® and Mx4000®, both MasterMixes with and without ROX passive reference can be used depending on your needs.

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