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Takyon qRT-PCR kits for Probe Assay

The Takyon™ One-Step 5X MasterMixes combine our last generation fusion DNA polymerase, Takyon™ with the new EuroscriptII RT to deliver highly robust and sensitive results on classical mRNAs, small RNAs and viral RNAs.

The highly concentrated 5X format allows more flexibility in template volume use especially in the context of small volume reaction.

A new additive, provided with every kit, significantly improves the amplification performance on difficult virus types as well as on FFPE samples.

The One-Step converter kit concept:

Easily convert any catalogue Takyon™ dTTP MasterMix or Core Kit into a One-Step RT-qPCR kit. The One-Step Converter Kit allows thus for maximal flexibility for those performing DNA- and RNA-based assays as it provides a simple, single pipetting, per reaction conversion option.

The One-Step converter kit contains our new EuroscriptII RT formulated to work optimally with Takyon™ MasterMixes. The kit also contains the new RT additive for improved results on some difficult viral template and FFPE samples.

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