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GMP Products

Eurogentec produces clinical trial material for all major markets according to FDA and EMA requirements. As experts in the manufacturing of biologics from bacterial and yeast sources, we have over 500 GMP batches of biologics experience. We provide the necessary know-how to manufacture your product in a timely and professional manner.


FDA Inspected and Approved for Commercial Manufacturing

- 500+ GMP biopharmaceutical batches

- 130+ API's developed

- Satisfying big pharma since 1994

GMP Recombinant Proteins


Antibody Fragments

GMP Plasmid DNA Vaccines


GMP batches up to Kg in 2020
Antibiotic free production
Free from animal derived products

GMP Protein Conjugation


Protein Coupling Experience
Peptide-protein Conjugates
PEGylated proteins
Conjugation Strategy Design
Conjugate Solubility Improvement

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