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How to choose an antibody ?


Over the years, antibodies became an indispensable tool either for research or therapeutics. Many applications require antibodies, from the traditional western-blot to new generation of vaccines. And the choice of an antibody can determine the success of a project.

The key-lock image often used to describe the selectivity of an antibody to its antigen can also be applied to the selection of an antibody to achieve a project: each project is unique and calls for particular features of the antibody.

This white paper has been created as a guide offering suggestions for research and clinical laboratories on how to choose an antibody. Catalogue or custom, monoclonal or polyclonal, from which host and which type of antigens, let’s see how to decide.


  • Catalogue vs custom antibodies
  • Monoclonal vs polyclonal antibodies
  • Antigen types
  • Selecting the best host
  • Conclusion

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