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Protein analysis

Protein analysis

The iD key solution is a series of highly efficient kits, reagents and systems providing fast and accurate protein band identification. The iD Key Solution consists of high-performance polyacrylamide gels, a comprehensive selection of protein weight markers, ultra blotting devices, optimized western blotting kits and western blot related consumables.

iD PAGE Gels

High resolution gel for use in SDS-PAGE and Native-PAGE

Gradient and fixed concentration Polyacrylamide Gels

iD Protein Weight Markers and iD BlueLadder Revealer

Consistent performance with sharper bands in a broad molecular weight range.

Unstained and Prestained MW Markers
iD Blue Ladder Revealer

iD Western Blot Kits & Consumables

Achieve a Western Blotting in one hour and the blocking steps in 5 minutes only.

Sensitive and Enhanced kits
Substrates and blocking solution
Running, transfer and sample buffer

iD SensoLyte® Assay kits

Custom and Catalogue Fluorimetric or colorimetric assays

List of products

- The iD Stain Device is discontinued since February 2016. To order Stain pads and electrode, please click here.
- The iD Blot Device is discontinued since January 2018. To order Blot pads and electrode, please click here.

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