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Large Custom Ab Project

Large Custom Ab Project

For over 25 years we have been a leading supplier of custom antibodies to IVD and biotech partners worldwide.

We have acquired a high expertise in developing both custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies in various hosts. We are able to handle large demanding projects with remarkable flexibility to meet the customer’s requirements and SOP's. A project manager assigned to every project ensures that your request will be considered in a professional way.

Large scale antibody manufacturing


High Flexibility
Huge Capacity
Deticated Account Manager

Polyclonal Antibodies

Polyclonal antibodies are produced in different hosts including SPF animals. You can use your own antigen or we can synthesize peptide(s) for immunization. We have been designing peptides for immunization for over 20 years and have developed specific algorithms for the most optimal epitope design. Accordingly our success rate is >95%.

We can manage classical projects as well as those that are more demanding, including BSL2 antigens. Immunization scheme can follow our proprietary Speedy 28-day program or classical 87-day program, or be adapted to the customer’s own program.

We have a high expertise in producing antibodies against Post-translational modifications. By far the most popular request for PTM is Anti-Phosphorylation but we can also offer Anti-Methylation, Anti-Acetylation and many more.

Monoclonal Antibodies

We generate monoclonal antibodies from hybridoma’s using standard methods, and we are particularly experienced in producing mAbs from hybridoma’s developed in house, or provided by the customer.

Monoclonal antibodies are produced in vitro in accordance with Belgian animal regulations and the 2010-63-UE directive for animal welfare. Based on the requested antibody amount and the clone productivity, we select the best production scheme, using flasks, roller bottles or bioreactors.

Our facilities are adapted to produce grams of mAbs. For requests of > 200mg, a test study is systematically performed to determine the clone productivity. The cost of the test study is deduced from the production batch cost. More info...


National Authorities regularly inspect our facilities for their compliance regarding animal origin, identification, housing and welfare. In addition to numerous exchanges and feedback from our customers, this makes our animal housing one of the most cleanest and safest of the world.

  • ISO9001 certified for the development, production and sale of products and services for research and development in Life Science.
  • Our animal facilities are located in Belgium and are recognized by the authorities who operates under Belgium and EU Law.
  • Our animal facilities comply with the most stringent association’s requirements, including:
    • UK Home Office Animals Scientific Procedures Act (The UK law carefully regulates the use of animals in scientific research and is amongst the most comprehensive and rigorous standards in the world).
    • Federation of European Laboratory animal Science Associations (FELASA).
  • Each animal is selected with the highest vigilance and identified to guarantee traceability.
  • Animal sources are strictly controlled.
  • Statistical data regarding the use of animals are recorded.
  • The internal Ethical Committee (IACUC) in place evaluates each new protocol and carrying out reviews every 5 years. 



Animal Welfare & Facilities

Animal Welfare is our major concern. We have strict rules and maintain a constant technological watch to comply with the highest standards for animal protection. Accordingly Animal housing and immunizations are centered on the 3R’s guidelines (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement). Our qualified staffs follow continuous training to stay at the highest level regarding animal welfare and care. The whole staff experience is registered in a personal training files in cluding education, experience, skills and training information.

Our Animal facilities are governed by stringent practices:

  • Facilities are cleaned 3-5 times a week with cleaning agents free from formaldehyde.
  • Flow of traffic from the cleanest to the dirtiest area prevents cross-contamination.
  • Daily observation of sentinel animals and health status are monitored as per FELASA recommendations.
  • Each Animal has a balanced diet and the feed is quality controlled.
  • Temperature, pressure, relative humidity and ventilation systems (100 % HEPA filtered air for SPF animals) are recorded in real time.
  • 24 hour staffed facilities with an intrusion alarm system, armored doors and surveillance camera ensure absolute security.
    At any time, experts can visit our facilities.

Confidentiality: All monoclonal and polyclonal immunisation projects are confidential. All obtained hybridoma’s, sera and results are and remain the property of the customer. Eurogentec guarantees not to claim any rights on the hybridoma or the antibodies. Non-disclosure agreements can be executed.

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