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Camelid antibodies & monoclonal VHH production

VHH production

Our global offer

Eurogentec collaborates with QVQ to produce high affinity monoclonal VHH antibody fragments. We offer the largest range of products and services related to camelid antibodies and single domain antibodies.

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NEW : anti-llama VHH

Custom Services : Llama and Alpaca Immunization and VHH production

At Eurogentec, we generate llama and alpaca polyclonal antibodies targeting various antigens, and offer a wide range of related services. We isolate lymphocyte RNAs from immunized llamas or alpaca to further proceed with VHH production.

At QVQ, we generate VHH phage display libraries and perform selection and screening of high affinity monoclonal VHH. Resulting monoclonal VHH can be custom labeled, optimized for “in product stability”, constructed in the desired format and produced at large scale for bulk quantities up to GMP levels.

done by Eurogentec
  Lymphocytes isolation
& RNA extraction

done by Eurogentec
  VHH Production
done by QVQ
At Eurogentec, camelid immunizations are conducted using customized protocols and antigens to produce heavy chain only antibodies.

Serum samples are available for testing or for IgG’s isolation.
  The lymphocytes can be isolated from a blood sample (~ 250ml) followed by RNA extraction   The service of VHH generation includes one or several of the following steps:
Llama or Alpaca

Customer dependent; 5 to 10 weeks

From the customer or produced at Eurogentec. Protein amount required per immunization: 0.5 mg/ llama.

Testing of immune response (optional)
ELISA testing against the antigen is generally performed. This step may require an additional amount of antigen.

Serum containing unpurified polyclonal antibodies
  Please note that lymphocytes isolation and RNA extraction must be performed very rapidly after the blood sampling to avoid RNA degradation.

RNA is checked for quality prior to sending.

The program can be stopped here and you receive RNA or continued at QVQ with monoclonal VHH selection.

  After library construction, selection and screening is done for high affinity VHH clones and sequence determination. VHH single domain antibody production and purification.

Step 1: two libraries with size >107 different clones and >90% insert.

Step 2: the sequences of at least 6 binders from 2 families.

Step 3: 0.5mg protein of the lead clones produced in E.coli and purified (>90%).

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Additional services

  • Large scale production of VHH in yeast for animal experiments or crystallography up to GMP production for microdosing studies in human.
  • Optimization of VHH sequence for production, physical and “in product” stability and various types of clinical use.
  • Formatting of the VHH in bivalent, bispecific or custom made formats.

Catalog Products : Anti-llama & anti-VHH secondary antibodies

We provide labeled (biotin, R-PE or custom labeled) and unlabeled secondary antibodies to target llama IgG1 and IgG2/3 immunoglobulins with high precision and sensitivity.

We now also offer a high quality secondary antibody binding to VHHs: the new rabbit anti-VHH polyclonal antibody is broad VHH-specific, as it binds to and allows the detection of VHHs from different germline sequence families.

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Eurogentec and QVQ ensure that your project and your data will be handled under full confidentiality and will never be shared with external parties. Non-disclosure agreements can be executed.

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