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Boost your hybridomas


Our exclusive production protocol boosts hybridoma productivity (from 20% to 600% increase recorded so far). The production and purification steps are performed under optimized conditions. This allows the collection of an increased amount of monoclonal antibodies

We propose the following services, where we can evaluate the productivity of your hybridoma, then perform a mAb production in this boosted condition; A productivity report can be generated.

Productivity evaluation   In vitro mAb production   Purification
Productivity evaluation   In vitro mAb production   Purification
Classical and boosted conditions comparison to evaluate the productivity increase of your hybridoma.   Antibodies are produced under optimized conditions in a 650 ml roller bottle.   Total IgG purification by protein G.

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Increased hybridoma productivity

Hybridoma selection is generally based on the specificity and the quantity of generated monoclonal antibodies. In some instances, certain highly specific and interesting mAbs are produced in low amounts, necessitating multiple production runs to obtain significant amount of material, which in turn would generate high production costs.

To improve productivity of low yield hybridomas, we have developed an in-house optimized protocol that has already shown an increase of productivity from 20% to 600%.

Boosted conditions have made all hybridomas (even “good producers”) able to produce larger amounts of antibodies per batch thereby reducing production costs.

Antibody production


In addition, our protocol showed a high reproducibility in antibody production.

Reproductibility of antibody production

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