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MGB Probes

MGB Probes

Relying on a 30-year expertise in oligonucleotide manufacturing, Eurogentec now provides high quality MGB probes perfectly suited for patient management.

MGB increases the Tm of a probe because of its minor groove binding ability. MGB Probes form highly stable duplexes with their targets allowing shorter probes to be highly efficient. Therefore MGB probes are more specific, more efficient and more sensitive than standard double-dye probes.


Convenient formats

Probes can be delivered in 10 nmol dried aliquots

Delivered quantities

6 - 20 - 50 nmol
Custom scales on request

Complete offer

More than 15 Dyes available, covering all qPCR channels

Free Wobble bases

Available at no additional cost







In solution (H2O or TE)
Dried Aliquoted

Turnaround time

5-7 business days


At room temperature

High Performance

MGB results MGB Standard curve
Comparison between FAM-MGB Probes from Eurogentec and Competitor. Experiment was performed with the same primers in 20 µL reaction volume. Amplification was done in duplicate on a 10X serial dilution of the same control plasmid and monitored on a CFX96 thermocycler.

Product Information

How to order

MGB Probes can be ordered online:

    *a. Restriction of use in the following coutries: US, CA, AU, CH, FR, UK, DE, IT, JP, SE, ES, CN. In these countries MGB probes must be used for patient management. Use is free of limitation in other countries. End users are covered under Eurogentec’s conveyed license for patient management. For additional information, please enquire at
b. Eurogentec is an authorized supplier of MGB Probes for MGB-licensed IVD kit manufacturers. No restriction applies with respect to the field of use in this case.

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