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03 April 2019 - Eurogentec nominated for the 2019 Essenscia Award

Kaneka Eurogentec nominated
for the 2019 Essenscia Innovation Award

Eurogentec was the finalist in the contest for its innovation in the manufacturing of plasmid at kg scale in one same batch

1st Stone

Seraing, Belgium, April 2nd 2019 - Kaneka Eurogentec, a custom service and FDA inspected contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for Biopharmaceuticals, has been nominated for Essenscia Innovation Award 2019.

The innovation developed by Eurogentec is a manufacturing process to produce circular DNA molecules, named plasmids. These molecules are used by Biopharmaceutical industry for development of new vaccines and therapeutics. Plasmid DNA isolation and purification methods are well known by molecular biologists active in Life Sciences Research. They are used to produce plasmids in their laboratories but at mg scale.

Eurogentec has developed a process to produce these plasmids at kg scale, 1 million times higher, in a few days only.

Such a process scale-up had to be done in compliance with the stringent purity and quality specifications required by regulatory authorities such US FDA or European Medicines Agency. It was a real challenge Eurogentec took up and succeeded. The innovation allows to produce 1 kg per batch that represents 1 million doses of plasmid, it is unique worldwide.

This will allow Eurogentec to produce innovative therapeutics for various medical indications such as gene therapy, cancer vaccines, allergies, cardiovascular or metabolic disorder.

In addition, the process Eurogentec has developed has been optimized to decrease volumes of liquids and quantities of raw materials, so decreasing cost of production and waste release into the environment.

“Our researchers had to be creative and they implemented together with Production team innovative solutions to make this manufacturing feasible. Going further, they also optimized it and developed the most cost effective and the highest scalable process.” Stated Florence Xhonneux, Director R&D and Innovation.

This innovation positions Eurogentec as the leader in the worldwide market, ahead of its competitors and technologies developed by Big Pharma. Thanks to this success, Eurogentec invested in several capacity expansions.

Lieven Janssens, President explained that “A second investment step of 45 million Euros is ongoing with the building of a new plant, just beside the existing one, in Liege Science Park, to multiply by 5 the highest scale of the current production unit capacities and will double the number of employees working in that Division, with a hundred of new jobs created by 2020.

Together with Kaneka Eurogentec, Kaneka Belgium has also been nominated for the Essenscia Innovation Award.

About Kaneka Belgium Innovation

Inspired by the circular economy model of plastic packaging, Kaneka Belgium developed a revolutionary sustainable packaging material, which is not only recyclable through composting, but as well biodegradable in natural environments, including marine waters. The innovation project includes the development of a bio-based and biodegradable foam particle starting from a natural polymer PHBHTM and is the result of a successful merging between Kaneka's fermentation and macromolecular core technologies. No matter where this material ends-up, it will degrade into water, CO2, and biomass by the micro-organisms available in nature.

Whereas today, Kaneka's polyolefin foam particles are used in packaging thanks to their lightweight, durability and excellent isolation properties, the newly developed bio-based and biodegradable foam particles can be molded with existing equipment into packaging while keeping similar features as polyolefin foams.

The development allows producing innovative packaging, fully in-line with the circular economy, integrating the added value of compostability as end-of-life.

About Kaneka Eurogentec

Eurogentec was founded in 1985 as a spin-off company of the University of Liège (Belgium). We contribute to improving health and fighting diseases by supplying products and services to scientists involved in life science research, molecular diagnostics, and therapeutic developments. The Liège-based company is recognised as one of the major suppliers in the field of genomics and proteomics as well as a trusted Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) for the bio-production of pharmaceuticals (vaccines and medicines).

In 2010, Eurogentec, renamed Kaneka Eurogentec in April 2017, became part of Kaneka Corporation, a large Japanese chemical company focusing on technology and innovation.

About Kaneka Corporation

Kaneka is an innovation-oriented chemical company. Traditionally the company has been active in polymers, fermentation, biotechnology and electronics, as well as other fields. Business activities now span a broad spectrum of markets ranging from plastics, EPS resins, chemicals and foodstuffs to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electrical and electronic materials and synthetic fibers. The life science related activities are currently one of the strategically important domains for Kaneka. The company has been a pioneer among Japanese chemical companies in establishing overseas operations, beginning in 1970 with a subsidiary in Belgium.

Contact Info

Kaneka Eurogentec S.A.
Frédéric Dimola
Marketing & Communication Manager
Aurélie Jamin,
Marketing Project Manager
Tel: +32 4 372 74 00

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