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07 April 2008 - Eurogentec and IN CELL ART collaborate on the commercialisation a novel generation of transfection reagents: ICAFectin™441 and ICAFectin™442

Eurogentec, leading supplier for genomic and proteomic research today announces that the company has entered into a European distribution agreement with the French leading company in nucleic acids (DNA, siRNA) delivery systems, IN-CELL-ART. 
Under the terms of this agreement, IN CELL ART and EUROGENTEC partner for the marketing, distribution and sales of IN CELL ART’s novel synthetic derivatives of natural compounds, ICAFectin™441 and ICAFectin™442, designed for high DNA and siRNA transfection efficiency. 
EUROGENTEC customers have now access to reagents among the most performing of the market for high efficiency DNA and siRNA delivery in primary and stem cells. The alliance is important as IN CELL ART brings a real know-How in the transfection/delivery area and these new products complete perfectly our Research products portfolio.

About In Cell Art:

IN CELL ART is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the preclinical and pharmaceutical development of nanocarriers for macromolecules. Animated by a research team including a Nobel Laureate, In-Cell-Art has designed new classes of vectors organized at the nanometric scale, that enable to cross efficiently and safely the cell barrier. In the life science activity, areas of interest are important. Around this expertise, IN CELL ART offers biotechnology development services including: Antibody production by genetic immunization, DNA vaccine, RNAi therapeutics, Sytemic therapeutic protein production by gene transfer and Development and commercialisation of siRNA and DNA transfection reagents.
Based in Nantes (France), IN CELL ART is a privately held company founded in 2005 and is a member of the French Atlantic Biotherapies biocluster.

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About Eurogentec:

Eurogentec was founded in May 1985 as a spin-off of the University of Liège (Belgium).
Eurogentec designs and delivers reliable and innovative services and products for the Life-Science community.
As a leading supplier for genomic and proteomic research, Eurogentec offers oligonucleotide (DNA fragments) synthesis, in particular for the In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD), Real-Time PCR products, DNA MicroArray services and a wide range of kits and consumables. It also gathers know-how in the design of peptides, either for antibody production or bioactive peptide purposes. Antibody production in a wide range of animal models as well as Peptide-, Antibody- and ProteinArrays are also amongst its expertise.
Eurogentec provides integrated solutions, from the cloning of gene until the complete production of GMP clinical batches.
Eurogentec has subsidiaries in France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Since 2001, the company established Nippon EGT joint venture in Japan, opened a subsidiary in the United States, established a partnership in Singapore and acquired an oligonucleotide production facility in San Diego (CA, USA). The headquarters, located in Liège, Belgium, has been transferred in a brand new building which will enable us to reinforce the streamlining of our genomic and proteomic processes.

Jean-Pierre Delwart, CEO

Contact: Isabelle Body, Communication Manager
Liège Science Park - 4102 Seraing - Belgium
Tél. : +32 4 372 74 00 - Fax : +32 4 372 75 00

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