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Eurogentec NGS Oligonucleotides



Quality: Low cross contamination (<0,1%)

Length: from 20 to 85 bases

Quantity: 10 nmol minimum delivered

Purification: HPLC or Cartridge

QC: 100% QC checked by Maldi-TOF MS

5’ Modifications: 5’ Phosphate / 5’ Biotin-TEG

Bases Option: Phosphorothioate bond

Wobble Bases: Available at no additional cost

Format: dried in tubes

Free shipping


Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a high-throughput technology allowing the massive sequencing of nucleic acids following a DNA library preparation.

After DNA fragmentation adapters (including indexes for multiplexing) are fused to the fragments. NGS adapters require both a high level of purity (no n-x side products) and the absence of cross-contamination (confusing index sequences).

Thanks to its long experience as an oligo provider Eurogentec developed a dedicated manufacturing process allowing to propose custom oligonucleotides suited for all your NGS applications.


NGS Process

  NGS Process  
How to order?

NGS oligonucleotides can be ordered online:


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