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Synthesis Reagents

Synthesis Reagents

Eurogentec is an exclusive distributor of Glen Research products in most of European countries. The Glen catalogue includes many reagents and supports to synthesise DNA and RNA oligos:

CE Phosphoramidites, synthesis columns and solvents/reagents

  • Sterling Reagents for ABI/Expedite/Biosearch 8000 Series/Biosearch
    Cyclone/MerMade/PolyPlex/Beckman OLIGO Series/Pharmacia/Amersham Instruments
  • UltraMILD DNA Synthesis
  • Alternative Supports
  • Alternative Solvents / Reagents

Other monomers

  • 5’→ 3’ Synthesis
  • Methyl Phosphonamidites/Phosphoramidites
  • H-Phosphonate Monomers and Solvents/Reagents
  • Sulfurising Reagent

Minor bases

  • Duplex Stabilisation
  • PCR/Sequencing Utilities
  • Structural Studies

Modification and labelling

  • UltraMILD DNA Synthesis
  • Modification Reagents: Terminus Modifiers/Sequence Modifiers 3’-Modifiers /Chemical
    Modifiers/Oligonucleotide-Peptide Conjugates
  • Labelling Reagents: Dabcyl/Biotin/Fluorescein/Rhodamine
    Cyanine/Acridine/DNP/Cholesterol/Psoralen and EDTA labelling
  • RNA Supports for 3’-Modification

RNA Synthesis

  • RNA Phosphoramidites/Supports
  • Minor RNA CE Phosphoramidites
  • 2’-OMe-RNA CE Phosphoramidites/Supports
  • Minor 2’-OMe-RNA CE Phosphoramidites
  • 2’-F-RNA Phosphoramidites
  • 2’-Se-Me-U Phosphoramidites


  • Nucleotide Analog Interference Mapping
  • Poly-Pac Purification
  • Miscellaneous Supports

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