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Renewed Peptide Lab

Eurogentec Renewed Peptide Lab

Fully upgraded, our peptide lab in Belgium brings you
the best quality at the most attractive pricing!


State-of-the art laboratory

Our peptide synthesis lab is equipped with cutting edge synthesizers, combining Symphony X and Syro to provide all the advantages:

  • Long peptides,
  • Scale-up for large quantities,
  • Manual intervention for complex modifications,
  • Specific platform for peptide libraries in a 96-well plate format.
Renewed Peptide Lab

Renewed Peptide Lab

Dedicated HPLC and UPLC for high precision QC releases testing

We adapt to any project from small to large scale, with the largest panel of peptide modifications and access to a whole collection of unusual amino acids.

Our peptide experts can easily manage the synthesis of complex peptides including cyclic, stapled, FRET and many others.

Better efficiency, Better prices

By merging the latest in peptide technology with our highly-experienced team, we reduce our production costs, resulting in more attractive peptide prices.

Proximity and service combined

Located out of our Belgian headquarters, our upgraded peptide production facility, sales force and customer support team, are in close proximity to our European customers to best serve your research and commercial needs.

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Renewed Peptide Lab

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