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Design of experiments (DOE)

Process Transfer and Development

Optimising productivity by design of experiments (DOE)

DOE is an empirical method to systematically investigate the effects of multiple parameters involved in expression, DSP, scale-up etc. By doing a selection of control tests prior to pilot runs we can determine which conditions are best for a particular experiment. DOE is an improvement over grid search 'one-change-at-a-time' experimental designs, because it provides information on not only the effect of changin a single variable, but also the effect of modifying multiple variables at the same time.

For nearly 10 years and over 50 projects, Eurogentec has been using Design of Experiments (DoE) for Process development, optimisation and characterisation.

Advantages of DoE
  • Maximum information while minimising resources
  • Determine the important variables that need to be controlled
  • Find the unimportant variables that may not need to be controlled
  • Measure interacting paramters, which are process important
  • Handle experimental error efficiently
Eurogentec Know-How
  • Optimisation of fermentation
  • Effect of culture conditions on terminal Met cleavage
  • Optimisation of extraction
  • Solubilisation of Inclusion Bodies and refolding
  • Purification
  • Formulation / crystallisation

Critical Parameters

Process Optimisation

Process Robustness


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