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Project Management

Biologics cGMP Manufacturing

Managing your biologics projects with efficiency

At Eurogentec, each client is unique. We dedicate a Project Manager (PM) for each project.  Your project manager will be your privileged interface between you and technology transfer, production and QC teams.

The product manager's responsibility is to manage the project in the most efficient way, with special care to cost and timelines - your internal project champion.
  • The PM is involved from your initial visit and will make sure that the right persons are around the table to clearly identify and understand your needs, time lines and budget expectations.
  • The PM will streamline project administrative works (Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement, Contracts, compilation of all Project Documentation).
  • The PM will make sure that an optimal dedicated multi-function team led by a clear Project Leader is in place during all the collaboration.
  • The PM will foster the continual communication between you and the EUROGENTEC Process Transfer & Development and GMP Manufacturing Teams.
  • The PM is the on-site client liaison agent who represents, conveys, and oversees clients requests and needs during all the time of the collaboration.
  • The PM will set-up realistic time lines for flexible programmes with clearly defined milestones.
  • The PM is one of major link in the EUROGENTEC Quality Chain who ensures efficient execution of the program, provides the client with solutions that improve the quality of the processes and product, reduce time to market and probably ensures the highest level of service and satisfaction to the client.


Kaneka Eurogentec S.A. Biologics Division
LIEGE Science Park
Rue du Bois Saint Jean, 14
4102 Seraing

Tel.: +32 4 372 74 00
Fax: +32 4 365 16 04

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