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Backbone (Bases + Linkages)

2’-O-(2-Methoxyethyl)- oligoribonucleotides or 2’-O-MOE have an analogue chemical structure to RNA excepted that a methoxy-ethyl residue is attached at the 2’-O-position. The chemical group at this position confers to the oligo backbone a highest nuclease resistance and a better binding affi nity compared to the classical RNA molecule making it a useful tool for antisens applications.


  • Nuclease resistant
  • High binding affinity
  • Reduced unspecific protein binding
  • Superior half life in tissues
MOE molecular structure
Structure of the 2'-O-MOE (left) vs RNA molecule (right)
(Click on the picture to enlarge it)

DescriptionSize Reference USD  
2'O-MOE RNA Base 40 nmol scale (10-99 bases) - 1 base1 base BA-ME001-004 12.00Configure...
2'O-MOE RNA Base 200 nmol scale (5-139 bases) - 1 base1 base BA-ME001-020 15.60Configure...
2'O-MOE RNA Base 1000 nmol scale (5-139 bases) - 1 base1 base BA-ME001-100 26.40Configure...
2'O-MOE RNA Base 2.5 µmol scale (5-139 bases) - 1 base1 base BA-ME001-M02 42.00Configure...
2'O-MOE RNA Base 5 µmol scale (5-139 bases) - 1 base1 base BA-ME001-M05 66.00Configure...
2'O-MOE RNA Base 10 µmol scale (5-139 bases) - 1 base1 base BA-ME001-M10 120.00Configure...
2'O-MOE RNA Base 20 µmol scale (5-139 bases) - 1 base1 base BA-ME001-M20 180.00Configure...

* More info on the Purifications page

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