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5X Takyon for Probe Assay - ROX

Takyon qPCR Kits for Probe Assay

Takyon™ 5X qPCR Kits for Probe assays containing ROX passive reference are available in different MasterMixes formats from 0.6 ml to 10 x 5 ml. Takyon™ 5X qPCR Kits deliver FAST, SENSITIVE and ACCURATE results in fast & regular cycling conditions on the following thermocyclers:

  • ABI Prism® 5700, ABI Prism® 7000, ABI Prism® 7300, ABI Prism® 7700, ABI Prism® 7900 & FAST 7900
  • ABI Step One & Step One Plus (FAST Compatible)


DescriptionSize Reference USD Qty  
Takyon? Rox Probe 5X MasterMix dTTP - SampleSample UF-RP5X-C0100 0.00Add to cart
Takyon™ Rox Probe 5X MasterMix dTTP - 150 rxn (20 µl)150 rxn (20 µl) UF-RP5X-C0101 103.20Add to cart
Takyon™ Rox Probe 5X MasterMix dTTP - 1250 rxn (20 µl)1250 rxn (20 µl) UF-RP5X-C0501 726.00Add to cart
Takyon? Rox Probe 5X MasterMix dTTP - 5 X 1250 rxn (20 µl)5 X 1250 rxn (20 µl) UF-RP5X-C0505 2 903.00Add to cart
Takyon? Rox Probe 5X MasterMix dTTP - 10 X 1250 rxn (20 µl)10 X 1250 rxn (20 µl) UF-RP5X-C0510 4 717.00Add to cart

For carry-over prevention, combine any dTTP 5X Mastermix with the new dUTP/UNG additive (RT-UTPUNG-033)


Delivery times

   2 WD if ordered before Thursday

Shipping conditions

   Dry ice

Storage conditions

For long term storage the Takyon™ qPCR MasterMixes should be stored between -15 °C to -25 °C in a constant temperature freezer. When stored under these conditions the reagents are stable during 24 months.
For short term storage the Takyon™ qPCR MasterMixes can be stored at 4 °C for 6 months.

Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.



Product Name
(20 µl)1
Takyon™ ROX Probe 5 X MasterMix dTTP


5 X 1250
10 x 1250


1 #RXN is calculated for a single-pack to 10-pack of MasterMix.
2 Optional. Easily convert in a single pipetting step your 5X dTTP kit into a carryover kit using the dUTP/UNG additive (RT-UTPUNG-033).
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