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Alpha-Synuclein ELISA Kit

Neuroscience ELISA Kits

α-Synuclein is a major component of Lewy bodies in the affected neurons in Parkinson’s disease. This protein has a mass of 14.5 kDa (140 amino acids long) and consists of a conserved degenerative amino-terminal domain and an acidic carboxyl-terminal with higher sequence divergence. α-Synuclein is predominantly produced in brain: specifically in cerebellum, thalamus, neocortex, hippocampus, and striatum regions. Other tissues express the α-Synuclein gene at very low levels. The physiological role of α-Synuclein is not yet well understood. However, the presence of imperfect KTKEGV lipid interacting repeats suggests that it may be involved in synaptic vesicle homeostasis.

The SensoLyte® α-Synuclein Quantitative ELISA Kit (Human/Rat) provides a convenient and quantitative assay for determining α-Synuclein amount in cell and tissue lysate as well as in body fluids. This kit is optimized to detect human or rat α-Synuclein in cell and tissue lysate, and in body fluids such as cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), plasma, and serum. Wells are pre-coated with anti-α-Synuclein monoclonal antibodies, blocked, and stabilized for long-term storage. The amount of α-Synuclein is quantified using sandwich ELISA: rabbit polyclonal anti-α-Synuclein specific antibodies directly conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (HRP) are used to detect captured α-Synuclein, and are added simultaneously with samples and standards during the assay. This eliminates extra incubation and washing steps and makes this kit one-step procedure for α-Synuclein quantification.

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SensoLyte® Anti-a-Synuclein (Human) ELISA Kit - 1 kit1 kit AS-55550-H 520.00Add to cart
The SensoLyte® anti-α-Synuclein (Human or Rat) ELISA Kit is provided as a One Step Convenient Format :
  • Pre-coated and pre-blocked 96-well strip plate
  • Ready-to-use substrate solution and other assay components
  • One step assay (samples and detection antibody are added simultaneously)
  • 1 hour assay time at room temperature (excluding incubation time)
  • Minimal Sample Size:
    • Requires only 10-20 μl of cell and tissue lysate or body fluids
  • High Sensitivity:
    • detects 5 pg/ml of human α-Synuclein (AS-55550-H) or rat α-Synuclein (AS-55550-R) (calculated as three standard deviations from the blank)
  • Broad Dynamic Range:
    • 5-500 pg α-Synuclein/ml in the assayed sample
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