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Beta-Amyloid Assay Kits

iD Sensolyte® Assay Kits

Alzheime's Disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disorder in elderly people. It has been demonstrated that AD has biological cause and is characterized by the presence of senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles mainly in cerebral cortex and hippocampus brain regions. Beta-Amyloid (1-40) (Aβ40) and beta-Amyloid (1-42) (Aβ42) are the main components of the above plaques; however, other forms of beta-Amyloid peptides are also present. Both peptides are cleaved from the Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) by β-secretase and γ-secretase enzymes. Many studies suggest that Aβ42 or/and Aβ43 are required to initiate formation of amyloid plaques and neurofibrills that leads to the neurodegeneration, while Aβ40 is less neurotoxic. Recently, increased levels of beta-Amyloid (1-42) peptide in human saliva were identified in mild Alzheimer’s disease patients. It may be possible to use saliva level of beta-Amyloid peptides to assess higher risk of acquiring Alzheimer’s disease in the future or to monitor disease progress.

Many studies suggest that Aβ40 and Aβ42 can form toxic oligomers and fibrils under physiological conditions and rapidly aggregate. Since Aβ aggregation is evidently an essential event in the pathogenesis of AD, a reliable assay is important to study Aβ fibrillation kinetics and screen for Aβ aggregation inhibitors.

The SensoLyte® Quantitative β-Amyloid ELISA Kits (Human or Mouse/Rat) provide convenient and high sensitivity assays for determining Aβ40 or Aβ42 amount in cell and tissue lysate as well as in body fluids. Compared to other Aβ ELISA kits on the market, it takes less time to run these assays. HRP conjugated detection antibody in these kits is added simultaneously with samples and standards during the assay. This eliminates extra incubation and washing steps and makes this kit one-step procedure for Aβ quantification.

The SensoLyte® Thioflavin T β-Amyloid Aggregation Kits provide a convenient and standard method to measure Aβ Aggregation using Thioflavin T dye. Aβ40 or Aβ42 peptide is pretreated to ensure it is in a monomeric state. An optimized fibrillation buffer is included with the kit, and two known inhibitors are supplied as controls. The assay is based on the property of ThT dye in which fluorescence (Ex/Em=440/484nm) is increased when bound to aggregates of Aβ peptides.

DescriptionSize Reference USD Qty  
SensoLyte® Anti-Mouse/Rat ß-Amyloid (1-40) Quantitative ELISA Kit *Colorimetric* - 1 kit1 kit AS-55553 480.00Add to cart
SensoLyte® Anti-Mouse/Rat ß-Amyloid (1-42) Quantitative ELISA Kit *Colorimetric* - 1 kit1 kit AS-55554 480.00Add to cart
SensoLyte® Thioflavin T ß-Amyloid (1-40) Aggregation Kit - 1 kit1 kit AS-72213 501.00Add to cart
SensoLyte® Thioflavin T ß-Amyloid (1-42) Aggregation Kit - 1 kit1 kit AS-72214 501.00Add to cart

The SensoLyte® Quantitative ß-Amyloid ELISA Kits are optimized to detect human Aß (1-40 or 1-42) peptide in human or mouse/rat brain lysate, transgenic mouse brain lysate, cerebrospinal fluid, plasma or serum. Wells are pre-coated with monoclonal anti- Aß (1-40 or 1-42) specific capture antibodies and blocked with a proprietary blocking solution. The amount of Aß (1-40 or 1-42) is quantified using ELISA. Ample materials and reagents are provided to measure 80 samples in a 96-well plate format.

Convenient Format

◊   96-well strip plate

High Sensitivity

◊   Detects as low as 2 pg/ml of beta-Amyloid (1-40 or 1-42)

Broad Dynamic Range

◊   3.9-250 pg/ml of beta-Amyloid (1-40 or 1-42) peptide

The SensoLyte® Thioflavin T ß-Amyloid Aggregation Kits are designed in a 96-well plate format. Detection is performed in fluorescence.


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