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Custom Recombinant Protein

Custom & Catalog Recombinant Proteins

Custom protein expression

Whether you are interested in crystallography, protein-protein interactions, antibody production or activity assays, Eurogentec proposes a protein expression service to advance your research needs. You choose your protein of interest, we will produce the protein for you, according to your specifications:

  • Expression in E. coli
  • Expression in HEK or CHO cells
  • Choice of different protein tags
  • Choice of purification levels from standard purity (85 %) to high purity (> 90 %)


Eurogentec maintains all projects in the strictest confidentiality. Should you require a material transfer agreement please e-mail us at

How to start

Fill in the order form and e-mail to

  • Your gene/protein sequence
  • The host
  • The tag
  • The required amount of protein to be expressed
  • The purification level
You will receive a sequence analysis report and a quotation by e-mail within the next 7 business days.

Project description

  1. Each project starts with the codon-optimized gene synthesis
  2. We clone it (optionally with the tag) into the best-suited vector for your choosed host
  3. We produce a pilot or small-scale reactor to determine the gene’s expression level
  4. Based on previous results we move to the large-scale protein expression phase


It may happen that your protein is too difficult to express. You will only be invoiced for the services completed.

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All Kits & Reagents (including Catalogue Antibodies & Peptides, Real-Time qPCR Mixes, Taq Polymerases, Sensolyte® Assays...)

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By email:

  When placing your order, please include the following information:
  client account number telephone number
  contract number / quotation number product description and reference number
  contact person quantity
  delivery address purchase order number
  invoice address    

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