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DNA Immunization

Custom Polyclonal Antibodies

This new DNA immunization technology uses a booster sequence to allow production of antibodies even against difficult targets.

Start from an optimized gene, bypass the protein production, purification and refolding phases and get highly efficient antibodies.

The suitable Technology to Produce Antibodies against:
  • Membrane Proteins
  • Large Protein Domains
  • Insoluble Proteins
  • Toxic Proteins
  • Proteins Containing Disulfide Bonds
  • Post-Translational Modified Proteins /li>

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This new DNA immunization technology uses a booster sequence to allow production of antibodies even against difficult targets.

Efficient Polyclonal or Monoclonal Antibody Production
A specific booster sequence which presents the antigen to the cell surface

Improved Folding
Possible formation of dimers or trimers

Reduced Risk and Cost
The vector efficiency is tested before immunization

Shortened Development and Production time
No need to produce and purify proteins
DNA Immunization Technology
Representation of NIH3T3 cells expressing on their surface the antigen booster fusion protein.
DNA synthesis and cloning into vector containing the booster sequence / DNA sequencing / Small scale plasmid production / Transfection of NIH3T3 cells / Analysis of the surface expression of the antigen by FACS using antibodies against the booster sequence
Large scale plasmid production / Immunization of animals / Analysis of the sera (polyclonal antibodies) by FACS using cells transfected by a vecor encoding the antigen sequence / Receive polyclonal antibodies (complete serum) / Receive frozen spleen
  1. Complete and submit the Polyclonal Quotation Request
  2. Receive a quotation (and recommendation for the peptide sequence in case of anti-peptide production)
  3. Complete and send the Polyclonal antibody order form (you will receive the link by email with your quotation)
  4. Receive an email confirmation
  5. Beginning of the immunization program

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