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Enterokinase Assay Kits

iD Sensolyte® Assay Kits

Enterokinase is a heterodimeric serine protease produced by cells in the duodenal wall. It converts trypsinogen to trypsin, indirectly activating a number of pancreatic digestive enzymes. Enterokinase is a key enzyme for intestinal digestion of proteins. Its deficiency may cause severe protein malabsorption. Enterokinase also plays an important role in acute experimental and clinical pancreatitis. The high degree of specificity exhibited by enterokinase for cleaving affinity or other tags from recombinant proteins makes it an ideal tool for use in biochemical applications.
The SensoLyte® Enterokinase Assay Kits are optimized for detecting enterokinase activity.
DescriptionSize Reference USD Qty  
SensoLyte® 520 Enterokinase Assay Kit *Fluorimetric* - 1 kit1 kit AS-72209 501.00Add to cart
SensoLyte® Rh110 Enterokinase Assay Kit *Fluorimetric* - 1 kit1 kit AS-72210 457.00Add to cart

The SensoLyte® 520 Enterokinase Assay Kit employs a novel internally quenched 5-FAM/QXL FRET substrate for enterokinase. Enterokinase cleaves the FRET substrate into two separate fragments resulting in release of 5-FAM fluorescence which can be monitored at excitation/emission= 490/520 nm. The long wavelength fluorescence of 5-FAM is less interfered by the autofluorescence of components in biological samples and test compounds. The assay can detect as low as 1.25 ng/mL of active enterokinase.

The SensoLyte® Rh110 Enterokinase Assay Kit uses a fluorogenic substrate. Upon enzyme cleavage, this substrate generates the Rh110 (rhodamine 110) fluorophore with bright green fluorescence that can be detected at excitation/emission=490/520 nm. The longer-wavelength spectra and higher extinction coefficient of the Rh110 provide greater sensitivity and less interference from other reaction components. The assay can detect as low as 0.31 ng/mL active enterokinase.

Kits size: 100 assays

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