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Purification for in vivo oligos


in vivo purification

In vivo oligonucleotides are higher quality research grade oligonucleotides with reduced cytotoxicity. They are purified by HPLC (IEX), desalted, sterile filtered and lyophilized. This optimized process makes in vivo oligonucleotides the ideal choice for animal studies.

This purification process is only available for oligonucleotides shorter than 60 nucleotides.

DescriptionSize Reference USD  
In Vivo 200 nmol scale - 1 purification1 purification PU-IVGR-020 70.80Configure...
In Vivo 1000 nmol scale - 1 purification1 purification PU-IVGR-100 82.80Configure...
siRNA Duplex in vivo 12 nmol delivered - 1 duplex1 duplex SR-IVGR-004 282.00Configure...
siRNA Duplex in vivo 40 nmol delivered - 1 duplex1 duplex SR-IVGR-020 402.00Configure...

Modified bases such as 2’OMe, LNA or MOE bases are available. Up to 5 Phosphorothioate linkages can be included in order to increase nuclease resistance and stability.

Catalog control siRNA is available here.

The production process of in vivo oligonucleotides includes the following steps: HPLC purification, desalting, sterile filtration and lyophilization. The specific production process has been endotoxin tested in order to ensure in vivo oligonucleotides are suitable for animal research. Endotoxins were undetectable using a chromogenic LAL endotoxin assay.

production process of in vivo oligonucleotides

in vivo oligonucleotides are the smart choice for antisense oligonucleotides or siRNA testing at a research level before entering into pre-clinical studies. Oligonucleotides for pre-clinical or clinical phases are also available and are detailed on the Therapeutic Oligonucleotides web page.

  SePOP Desalted IEX/RP-HPLC In Vivo*
Desalting by precipitation V V V
IEX/RP HPLC   V V (IEX only)
Duplexed V V V
Desalting by size exclusion chromatography     V
Sterile filtration     V
Lyophilisation     V

Comparison between the SePOP and HPLC purifications and the in vivo process method for a siRNA duplex.
*Production process endotoxin tested

Ion-Exchange HPLC
Each oligonucleotide differs in its charge based on its specific sequence. This charge difference in oligonucleotides is exploited by using anion-exchange chromatography to separate with high resolution, the full-length oligonucleotides from truncated forms.

Following HPLC residual salts like TEAA and smaller molecules are removed by Size-exclusion chromatography. This step is crucial in order to reduce toxicity to living organisms or cells. Osmolarity: < 100 mOsm/Kg

After desalting oligonucleotides are 0.22 µm sterile filtered. Please note that in vivo purified oligonucleotides are not sterile certified.

All in vivo oligonucleotides are lyophilized and shipped dried.

Legal notices For Research Use only

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