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MHC Related Peptides

Catalog Go™ peptides

DescriptionSize Reference USD Qty  
BDC2.5 Mimotope 1040-31 - 1 mg1 mg AS-62756 77.00Add to cart
Dby HY Peptide (608-622), mouse - 1 mg1 mg AS-61046 93.00Add to cart
gp100 (25-33), mouse - 1 mg1 mg AS-64752 83.00Add to cart
LLO (190-201), MHC-II-restricted peptide - 1 mg1 mg AS-64230 83.00Add to cart
MHC II Ea chain (Ea) (52–68) peptide (AbßEp) - 1 mg1 mg AS-61621 105.00Add to cart
Uty HY Peptide (246-254), mouse - 1 mg1 mg AS-61045 83.00Add to cart
Reference Name Sequence MM (kDa)
AS-62756 BDC2.5 mimotope 1040-31 YVRPLWVRME 1348,6
AS-61046 Dby HY Peptide NAGFNSNRANSSRSS 1568,6
AS-64752 Mgp100 (25-33), mouse EGSRNQDWL 1104,2
AS-61621 Eα (52–68) ASFEAQGALANIAVDKA 1675,9
AS-61045 Uty HY Peptide (246-254) WMHHNMDLI 1196,4
Reference Name Description
AS-62756 BDC2.5 mimotope 1040-31 This is a strongly agonistic peptide (mimotope) for diabetogenic T cell clone BDC2.5. It can stimulate BDC2.5 cells with cells showing good response to this mimotope. 1040-31 peptide is specific for BDC2.5 TCR Tg+ (transgenic) T cells. This peptide is also known as p31.
AS-61046 Dby HY Peptide  
AS-64752 Mgp100 (25-33), mouse This peptide sequence is found in residues 25 to 33 of the mouse self/tumor antigen glycoprotein (mgp100). This fragment is a H-2Db–restricted epitope recognized by CD8+ T cells. Mgp100 is an enzyme normally involved in pigment synthesis, and the epitope fragment is typically expressed in both normal melanocytes and melanoma cells.
AS-61621 Eα (52–68) This is class II MHC Eα chain (Eα) (52–68) peptide (AbβEp). It occupies about 10% of natural Iab 
AS-61045 Uty HY Peptide (246-254)  

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