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Mitochondrial Peptides

Catalog Go™ peptides

Mitochondrial peptides are encoded and transcribed by the mitochondria. These peptides can play roles in age-related diseases.

Currently 8 peptides are identified:

  • Humanin
  • SHLPs (Small humanin-like peptide) are six peptides (SHLP1-6) associate with increased longevity and cell viability, reduced apoptosis and other benefical functions.
  • MOTS-c (Mitochondrial open reading frame of the 12S tRNA-c) was found to reduce insulin resistance, decrease obesity and promote homeostasis.

DescriptionSize Reference USD Qty  
MOTS-c - 1 mg1 mg AS-65587 149.00Add to cart
SHLP1 (Small humanin-like peptide 1) - 1 mg1 mg AS-65588 381.00Add to cart
SHLP3(Small humanin-like peptide 3) - 0.1 mg0.1 mg AS-65589 118.00Add to cart
SHLP4 (Small humanin-like peptide 4) - 1 mg1 mg AS-65590 381.00Add to cart
SHLP6 (Small humanin-like peptide 6) - 1 mg1 mg AS-65591 287.00Add to cart
Product Name Description Catalogue Number Size Sequence MM
MOTS-c MOTS-c was found to reduce insulin resistance, decrease obesity, and promote homeostasis.3 AS-65587 1 mg MRWQEMGYIFYPRKLR 2174,7
SHLP1 (Small humanin-like peptide 1) Recent advances in high-resolution sequencing have led to the discovery of unique peptides derived from mitochondrial genome.1-2 Currently 8 peptides are identified: humanin, mitochondrial open reading frame of the 12S tRNAc (MOTS-c), and six small humanin-like peptides (SHLP1-6).1-2 All of these peptides are released into cytosol from mitochondria and associate with increased longevity and cell viability, reduced apoptosis, and other beneficial functions.1-2 AS-65588 1 mg MCHWAGGASNTGDARGD- VFGKQAG 2393,6
SHLP3 (Small humanin-like peptide 3) SHLP3 shares protective effects with Humanin, such as reduction in apoptosis, generation of reactive oxygen species and improving mitochondrial metabolism. In addition, it may participate in age-related disease pathology1-2. AS-65589 0.1 mg MLGYNFSSFPCGTISIAPGF- NFYRLYFIWVNGLAKVVW 4380,4
SHLP4 (Small humanin-like peptide 4) SHLP4 may promote cell proliferation in certain cells and could be involved in reduced apoptosis1- 2 AS-65590 1 mg MLEVMFLVNRRGKICRVPF- TFFNLSL 3131,85
SHLP6 (Small humanin-like peptide 6) SHLP6 has been shown to increase apoptosis with potential cancer targeting roles and also may be involved in aging.1-2 AS-65591 1 mg MLDQDIPMVQPLLKVRLFND 2385,9
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