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iD Sensolyte® Assay Kits

Nicotinamide nucleotides are key players in the energy transforming and oxidation-reduction reactions of a cell. NADP and NADPH act as allosteric effectors in modulating enzyme activities. The reducing power of NADPH is a required cofactor for enzymes that are pro-oxidants such as nitric oxide synthase and NADPH oxidase. NADP/NADPH ratio is involved in the control of the oxidative shunt. Each of these forms has a particular role during differentiation and similarity processes as well as being target functions in the cytotoxic action of ionizing radiations and alkylating agents.

The SensoLyte® NADP/NADPH Assay Kits utilize an optimized enzymatic recycling method for the quantification of NADP/NADPH without interfering with NAD/NADH. NADP is converted to NADPH in this enzyme-cycling reaction.

DescriptionSize Reference USD Qty  
SensoLyte® NADP/NADPH Assay Kit *Colorimetric* - 1 kit1 kit AS-72205 393.00Add to cart
SensoLyte® NADP/NADPH Assay Kit *Fluorimetric* - 1 kit1 kit AS-72206 457.00Add to cart

In the SensoLyte® NADP/NADPH Assay Kit *Colorimetric*, the final product of reaction, formazan, has blue color and can be detected at absorbance 565 nm. The intensity of the color produced is proportional to NADP/NADPH concentration (1kit = 100 reactions).

The SensoLyte® NADP/NADPH Assay Kit *Fluorimetric* contains a fluorogenic reagent, producing fluorescence when oxidized by NADPH. The resulting red fluorescence can be monitored at excitation /emission= 560/590 nm. The intensity of the fluorescence produced is proportional to NADP/NADPH concentration (1 kit = 100 reactions).

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