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NGS Oligonucleotides


Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a high-throughput technology allowing the massive sequencing of nucleic acids following a DNA library preparation.

The high demand for low cost sequencing has given rise to a number of high-throughput sequencing technologies. These efforts have been funded by public and private institutions as well as privately researched and commercialized by biotechnology companies. High-throughput sequencing technologies are intended to lower the cost of sequencing DNA libraries beyond what is possible with the current dye-terminator method based on DNA separation by capillary electrophoresis. Many of the new high-throughput technologies use methods that parallelize the sequencing process, producing thousands or millions of sequences at once.

Eurogentec can support your sequencing projects by offering dedicated NGS grade oligonucleotides. Specially produced in order to avoid cross contamination they reduce barcode misalignment during multiplex next generation sequencing projects. Discover also our high quality Universal Primers. These predefined and easy to order catalog oligonucleotides are perfectly suited for sequencing projects after PCR amplification.

DescriptionSize Reference USD  
NGS DNA Base 10 nmol (20-85 bases) + Cartridge purification - 10 nmol10 nmol BA-NGSCA-001 1.01Configure
NGS DNA Base + Cartridge purification + Phosphorothioate Link - 10 nmol10 nmol BA-NGSCA-PT-001 3.21Configure
NGS DNA Base 10 nmol (20-85 bases) + HPLC purification - 10 nmol10 nmol BA-NGSHP-001 1.43Configure
NGS DNA Base + HPLC purification + Phosphorothioate Link - 10 nmol10 nmol BA-NGSHP-PT-001 3.63Configure
NGS 5' Biotin-TEG - 10 nmol10 nmol MD-BT002-05001 72.00Configure
NGS 5' Phosphate - 10 nmol10 nmol MD-PH002-05001 24.00Configure

More info

  • Quality: Low cross contamination (<0,1%)
  • Length: from 20 to 85 bases
  • Quantity: 10 nmol minimum delivered
  • Purification: HPLC or Cartridge
  • QC: 100% QC checked by Maldi-TOF MS
  • 5’ Modifications: 5’ Phosphate / 5’ Biotin-TEG
  • Bases Option: Phosphorothioate bond
  • Wobble Bases: Available at no additional cost
  • Format: dried in tubes
  • Free shipping


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