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Oli&GO™ Reloads


With Oli&GO™ get access to the best e-commerce platform for your oligos. You receive only one invoice corresponding to the activation/reload amount and then you are free to order all your oligonucleotides whenever your want without the monotonous administrative tasks.

DescriptionSize Reference USD  
Oli&GO™ Reload - 1 U1 U CD-OGR02-01 1.00Add to cart
Oli&GO™ Reload - LL CD-OGR02-L 6 002.00Add to cart
Oli&GO™ Reload - MM CD-OGR02-M 1 200.00Add to cart
Oli&GO™ Reload - SS CD-OGR02-S 300.00Add to cart
Oli&GO™ Reload - XLXL CD-OGR02-XL 12 005.00Add to cart

A unique e-commerce platform for all your oligos

  • Be free from monotonous administrative tasks.
  • Order all your oligonucleotides [From PCR primers to highly complex structures].
  • Check the status of your order 24/7 thanks to the online tracking.
  • Get a comprehensive history of all your orders.

Enter the sequence of your oligonucleotide and select its specifications.
For larger order, you can use a dedicated Excel file named the “batch order file” available on the website.

Your budget under control

  • Benefit from exclusive prices for all your oligonucleotides.
  • Only one invoice for your multiple oligo orders.
  • Keep an eye on your budget
    with the realtime integrated counter.
  • Collecte and schedule orders to reduce your shipping costs.

Get a realtime overview of your account status.

Oli&GO™ for everyone!

2 types of account. Administrator can define multiple users. Both account types possess dedicated functionalities (see table below).

Full of privileges to control the system.
Restricted access.
Functionalities V V
Use 1 or more Accounts V V
Buy Oligonucleotides V V
Receive an Order Confirmation V V
Receive the Related Documentation V V
Rename the Account V X
Add/Remove User(s)* V X
Define/Update Shipping Address V X
Reload the Account(s) V X
Schedule Orders (Day/Time) NEW V X
*Multiple users can be defined per account    

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  When placing your order, please include the following information:
  client account number telephone number
  contract number / quotation number product description and reference number
  contact person quantity
  delivery address purchase order number
  invoice address    

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