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Osteocalcin Fragment Peptides

Catalog Go™ peptides

Osteocalcin (OC) is a 49 amino acid peptide found exclusively in bone tissue and is highly conserved among species. It is a vitamin K- and D-dependent protein produced by osteoblasts, osteocytes and odontoblasts. It is deposited in extracellular bone matrix and is found in the serum. Serum osteocalcin, hydrolysed in the kidney and liver, is considered a specific marker of osteoblast activity and bone formation rate. It may be involved in regulation of osteoblast function, regulation of bone turnover and/or mineralization.

DescriptionSize Reference USD Qty  
[Gla17,21,24]-Osteocalcin (1-49) - 0.1 mg0.1 mg AS-22829 127.00Add to cart
[Gla17,21,24]-Osteocalcin (1-49) - 0.5 mg0.5 mg AS-22830 369.00Add to cart
[Gla17,21,24]-Osteocalcin (1-49) - 1 mg1 mg AS-22831 793.00Add to cart
Des-gamma-carboxylated Osteocalcin (1-49), human - 0.25 mg0.25 mg AS-65307-025 175.00Add to cart
Reference Name Sequence MW (Da)
AS-22829/22830/22831 [Gla17,21,24]-Osteocalcin (1-49) YLYQWLGAPVPYPDPL-Gla-PRR-Gla-VC-Gla-LNPDCDELADHIGFQEAYRRFYGPV (Gla=γ-Carboxyglutamic Acid; Disulfide bridge: 23-29) 5929,5
AS-24241/24242 Osteocalcin (37-49), human GFQEAYRRFYGPV 1589,8
AS-24239/24240 Osteocalcin (45-49), human FYGPV 581,7
AS-24287/24288 Osteocalcin (7-19), human GAPVPYPDPLEPR 1407,6
AS-65307 Des-gamma-carboxylated Osteocalcin/Bone Gla Protein YLYQWLGAPVPYPDPLEPRREVCELNPDCDELADHIGFQEAYRRFYGPV (Disulfide bridge:C23-29) 5797,5
Reference Name Description
AS-22829/22830/22831 [Gla17,21,24]-Osteocalcin (1-49)  
AS-24241/24242 Osteocalcin (37-49), human  
AS-24239/24240 Osteocalcin (45-49), human  
AS-24287/24288 Osteocalcin (7-19), human This peptide is also used as E-tag epitope peptide.
AS-65307 Des-gamma-carboxylated Osteocalcin/Bone Gla Protein This peptide is des-gamma-carboxylated osteocalcin/bone Gla protein (BGP). Osteocalcin/BGP is the most abundant non-collagenous protein of the bone extracellular matrix and is secreted by osteoblasts. This des-gamma-carboxylated peptide serves as a substrate for vitamin K-dependent carboxylase, which modifies Glu17, Glu21, and Glu24 to Gla residues.

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